Einstein and Space in Future- Original Sketch by event Director Katsuhiko Chaen.
At the request of the Director, I modified to the original sketch to add elements of futuristic space exploration and create a busier space. My initial idea included Robots and a washing machines, but ran out of time at the end to include them. Katsu also wanted the audience to feel as if the black hole was sucking them in - the first sketch wasn't quite right since the space craft was escaping the vortex so I flipped their direction in the second sketch. My sketches were made with tracing paper over the original design. 
Virgin pile of compacted sand - 3.6m x 7.2m
Panorama of the sculpting site - My pile is in the distance, in front of a white tent.
Work begins! after removing the first two layers of wooden form, I slice back the sand to create a flat slanted surface that I can sketch upon.
The sculpture was a challenge in a number of ways. First, I spent a lot of time making sure the grid lines of my black hole lined up best I could since it would not be possible to modify them when I carve further down. Second, I find portraits difficult to get spot on, and discovered as I was carving Einstein that trying to make him young like in the sketch was incredibly difficult. In the end I had to age a little him to give him the iconic Einstein face.
Close up of Einstein's face. Lighting is very good right now and the texture on both him and the background reads really well.

Once the top half is carved and wooden forms completely removed, the battle is almost won! I find it is much easier to envision the piece without the frames. It can be tricky though - while removing the forms means I have greater freedom to see the sculpture, it also means I am no longer able to climb back up and reach the higher areas.
Finishing the vortex - A lot of time was spent digging the hole deeper and deeper until the desired effect of the bottomless hole was created.
Side view show the distortion of the face carved in high relief- the sand is not strong enough to hold a completely 3D head.
Finished! Einstein with the vortex! Imagine exploring the mysteries of the black hole :)

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